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I’ve been helping people grow their ventures online since 1998. I’ve been through dot com booms and busts, I’ve helped in the public and private sector, big names and ideas that came from back bedrooms. I know what works, what’ll waste your money and what you need to avoid.

I am different to traditional IT: I don’t lie to cover my backside; I don’t overcharge; and I have a very good hit rate in giving my clients what they want, which is not necessarily what they asked for.

Normally, you contract a consultant to come in, do a bit of work and off they go again. That model is fundamentally broken. When it comes to the web and digital technologies the work is never done. Especially when it comes to firms in the legal sector.

Not only do you need a consultant you can rely on to help your firm grow, you also need someone who can help your firm to weather the storms of Cookie Consent regulations, the upcoming EU-GDPRs, and the ever-increasing cyber-security threats that are hammering the legal sector like never before.

I am here to help you. Month-to-month, week-to-week. Building a strong web presence takes time and careful engineering. There are no quick fixes to cyber-security threats, and there are many more regulations to come that will require your firm to respond to change.

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Skills & Services


My biggest passion is helping other businesses to grow, which requires me to be agile and responsive to my client’s ever-changing markets.
Part of what I do is technical, but a part of it is also about working with business owners to solve non-technical problems.

I have been using digital services since around 1998 and have vast experience of a wide range of tools. I can either refer you to the tools and services directly, or I can set them up and help you manage them. I also help with things like domain registration, hosting, security certificates, email services, and much more.


My approach to Usability has been honed over around 10 years working experience in the field, helping small businesses and large government-level organisations. I am versed in the methodology, tools and techniques to help you understand where your website is losing your users.  This work is a vital part of my conversion ratio work.


The term ‘marketing’ can cover a whole range of services, including research into potential new markets, social media techniques and more ‘old school’ methods such as event-based marketing and networking-based marketing. I provide all of these for my clients – attending events on their behalf, building networks for them, carrying out research, and helping to build their social presence – all wrapped in my strong CRM skills, ensuring visibility of the sales pipeline and how leads are progressing.


Just a small selection

As with any consultant, my clients are my life. I love them all dearly. I am also happy to operate a discrete model for clients who would rather keep my involvement quiet.


I help with online marketing, email marketing, business development, and much more.


Griffin Law

I help with a very wide range of IT, marketing, social and business development needs.





I don’t charge for an initial consultation over email. You can use the form below, or you can reach out to me via Facebook Messenger if that’s easier for you.