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Digital Leaders

We put digital and technology at the heart of everything we do as ardent technology enthusiasts and unapologetic futurists.

Forward Thinking

We are not stuck in the past, trying to stop the rising tide of technological change. Instead, we embrace it and ride the waves.

Problem Solvers

Finding the solution for a problem is a moment of glory that drives a lot of our work. We pride ourselves on our capability here.

Customer Support

Despite our love for technology we are humans, and we have a lot of experience of supporting other humans through change.

Our Story

MRC formerly launched in 2018, though its roots can be traced back through its people to around 2003.  We are a UK-based political consultancy that focuses on things digital and technology. This includes practical application in campaigns, but also development of policies and laws relating to technology and its role in society.

  • Strategy 80%
  • Marketing & Campaigning 85%
  • Mobilisation 82%
  • Training & Development 70%