We provide skills training to improve digital presence and capabilities for public sector leaders and democrats.

We work with elected members at all levels and all types of governance, and we are also capable of working with officers too as part of a holistic approach.

Our network includes Members of the UK Parliament, County Councillors, Unitary Authority Councillors, Borough/District Councillors, Mayors, Parish Councillors, Candidates, Activists and Social Enterprise Leaders.

Digital Leaders

We’ll help you become proficient with digital as a means to improve  processes, engagement and accountability.

Forward Thinking

Digital done right can help to transform public opinion and improve outcomes by extending the base of engagement.

Problem Solvers

Where digital is not quite working right for you let us take a look at where you’re going wrong, or where you can improve.

Customer Support

We talk human as well as machine, which means we can give you all the support you need to become digital confident.

Our Story

MRC formerly launched in 2018, though its roots can be traced back through its people to around 2003.  We are a UK-based political training consultancy that focuses on digital and technology. This includes campaigns, but also extends to development of policies relating to technology and its role in society.

  • Strategy 80%
  • Marketing & Campaigning 85%
  • Mobilisation 82%
  • Training & Development 70%