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Mike Rouse has been helping people grow their ventures online since 1998. He’s helped in the public and private sector, big names and small firms. In 2015 he set up Mike Rouse Consulting (MRC) as a way to spread his experience further. As a company, MRC knows what works, what’ll waste your money and what you need to avoid.

We are different to traditional IT: we don’t lie to cover our mistakes; we don’t overcharge; and we have a very good hit rate in giving our clients what they really want rather than being rigid about specifications.

When it comes to the web and digital technologies the work is never done. Especially when it comes to the legal sector, politics, social media, and user experience – just some of the areas we cover.

Whether it’s EU Cookie Consent regulations, the upcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPRs), and the ever-increasing cyber-security threats that are hammering businesses everywhere – you need a consultant who is on your side.

We are here to help you. Building a strong web presence takes time and careful engineering. There are no quick fixes to cyber-security threats, and there are many more regulations to come that will require your firm to respond to change.