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Redditch Conservatives Select Rachel Maclean to fight 2017 General Election

As a member of the Redditch County Conservative Association I had a vote in the selection of the official Conservative Party Candidate who will fight the 2017 General Election. The candidate shortlist, which was kept a closely-guarded secret until the start of the meeting, was: Rachel Maclean Charles Barwell Dr Luke Evans Before the [...]

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Michelle Lowe and Resham Kotecha Selected for Coventry Conservatives

Tonight, Friday 30 April, I attended the selection meetings for the City of Coventry Conservative Association - a combined association of the 3 UK Parliamentary constituencies that make up the area. Coventry South Candidates Ken Taylor OBE, a local councillor Michelle Lowe, a councillor in Sevenoaks, Kent Elliott Grainger, a consultant with connections to the [...]

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A dangerous new exploit in Word has been discovered. Here’s what you need to know.

If you want the full details I suggest Ars Technica. Here's the skinny: An email is sent with a Word attachment (note: not a zip, exe or pdf - an actual normal looking Word file) The user opens the attachment, thinking it all looks perfectly normal In the background something is downloading malware - it [...]

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