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Mike Rouse is the principal consultant at MRC.

Over 90 accounts on British Parliamentary computer network compromised in large scale ‘brute force’ attack

It is alarming to hear that @parliament.uk email accounts were victim to a brute force attack. I understand some 90 accounts have been compromised. These accounts had weak passwords, evidently. The digital team should not have allowed 'weak' passwords. Yes, we all get annoyed at being forced to pick passwords that are more than 8 [...]

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Redditch Conservatives Select Rachel Maclean to fight 2017 General Election

As a member of the Redditch County Conservative Association I had a vote in the selection of the official Conservative Party Candidate who will fight the 2017 General Election. The candidate shortlist, which was kept a closely-guarded secret until the start of the meeting, was: Rachel Maclean Charles Barwell Dr Luke Evans Before the [...]

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Michelle Lowe and Resham Kotecha Selected for Coventry Conservatives

Tonight, Friday 30 April, I attended the selection meetings for the City of Coventry Conservative Association - a combined association of the 3 UK Parliamentary constituencies that make up the area. Coventry South Candidates Ken Taylor OBE, a local councillor Michelle Lowe, a councillor in Sevenoaks, Kent Elliott Grainger, a consultant with connections to the [...]

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A dangerous new exploit in Word has been discovered. Here’s what you need to know.

If you want the full details I suggest Ars Technica. Here's the skinny: An email is sent with a Word attachment (note: not a zip, exe or pdf - an actual normal looking Word file) The user opens the attachment, thinking it all looks perfectly normal In the background something is downloading malware - it [...]

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