Blue on Blue Podcast

As shared on Twitter, I’ve decided on a name for a new podcast-style series.

The name “Blue on Blue” is not based on a Burt Bacharach song, but rather a twist on the contemporary political usage of the word. The twist is important.

Collins defines it and points to an example like so:

Despite the prime minister’s refusal to engage in ‘blue-on-blue’ debatescabinet ministers are clashing at every opportunity.

Sunday Times 2016

A “blue on blue” therefore is generally known as a debate or clash between members of the Conservative Party in the UK.

The twist is important, remember. My podcast won’t be a “blue on blue” attack series or seek to criticise the Conservative Party. It will be ‘blue talking to blue’ or ‘people of a blue political persuasion on policies and decisions from the blue persuasion’.

Just in case any of my colleagues were getting jittery about the name.

“Blue on Blue” will be a conversation-style series where I hope to cover topics in a more human style. We’ll talk about things as humans rather than look to stage interviews – we’ll discuss the ins and outs – and we’ll have time to delve into the detail more than most.

I hope that given I am a fellow Conservative I might be able to attract guests to join me for a friendly show where the aim is to get the best out of our guests, not try to trip them up. I want to hear what they’ve got to say, and I want to explore the topic from a more Conservative perspective.

All episodes will be uploaded to YouTube with podcast platforms being announced once I have the first episode in the can.

I’ve got some guests lined up – but always on the look out for more – and I’m definitely interested in adhoc co-host opportunities for people who are interested in this line of work. Email me:

You can subscribe to the YouTube feed here: