Following the announcement of a new national lockdown during November I have started to make enquires about areas that fall under my portfolio of responsibilities at Redditch Borough Council. I’ll update this thread as more information comes to light.


These will remain open as they did last time – and just like last time it will be important to maintain social distancing. It will be OK to sit on the benches provided.


These will remain open, but it is really important that parents ensure they take hand sanitiser with them when visiting the playgrounds and ensure they and their children use it. Please do your best to keep your children away from other children. Avoid standing next to other parents at the swings for instance (one of you can push one way, the other can push the other way). Playgrounds are well ventilated and should be relatively low risk, but it’s vitally important to practice good hygiene before, during and after your visit.


These will remain open as before.


Please follow Rubicon Leisure for the latest announcements in respect of the Abbey Stadium, Arrow Valley Visitor Centre, Pitcheroak Golf Course and Palace Theatre.