78% approval for the regeneration of Redditch Town Centre following submission of £25m bid to government

I was very pleased to see a strong 78% approval for the regeneration of Redditch Town Centre. More details on this survey will be published in due course and we will share the findings with the relevant bodies to demonstrate community feeling on this issue.

413 people responded on a self-selecting basis either as a result of seeing an advert for the survey, or by clicking the link in a post that was shared to a large number of community groups on Facebook. Of course, it would have been lovely to hear from all 85,000 residents, but that’s just not realistic – instead we have to go with the best sample we can get in the time we have and for the budget available. This survey process was funded by Redditch Conservatives privately – no taxpayer money was used on this survey.

This post-bid survey is in addition to the 3 consultations that took place before the bid. This includes 1 in-person event over a weekend at Town Hall before COVID-19 struck, the government’s own website to which over 50 responses were submitted (often each with their own set of comments), and the 650 responses to a professionally-run survey at the end of last year (because COVID meant no further in-person sessions could take place).