Why is Redditch council not promoting my thing?

It’s great to see a number of groups and individuals doing great things for our town that get people moving, bring communities together or exposes our heritage and cultural assets.

As a result, I sometimes get asked why the council isn’t promoting these endeavours. The answer isn’t simple, so please allow me to expand on the reasons a little bit.

If the council has organised something, or is a partner in an endeavour such as an event or series of events, the council’s communications team will promote it through its social media channels and elsewhere. These kind of events include Remembrance Sunday or other civic events.

If the council has not organised the event, such as a private endeavour like a funfair or music concert, the council’s communications resource cannot be used to promote it in the same way. As a public authority responsible for spending taxpayers’ money the council cannot use this money on marketing activities for private enterprises, no matter how worthy they seem.

Another reason is simply because often the council doesn’t know about the event. I am working, as Portfolio Holder for Leisure, on a shared calendar system, which I hope will help to improve visibility of events regardless of organiser. I hope this will help in some way to allow people to see what’s going on right across the Borough.

If you are organising an event as something for the community the council will want it to be a success and I am sure everyone in the council wishes you well. The council may be able to put up a post on social media as information for residents where the event is something for the community. Likewise, you are welcome to purchase banner advertising space if you wish. If you would like to explore options I would encourage you to contact your local Borough Councillor who will be happy to help make your event a success. Their details can be found on the link below:


If you would like to contact me as Portfolio Holder for Leisure to talk more about your event or cause please email mike.rouse@redditchbc.gov.uk including your post code in your email and details of your event/cause. I am always happy to help people and organisations who are trying to put on good things for our Borough.