As your Worcestershire County Councillors for the Redditch South division, both Craig and I are concerned about what appears on the face of it to be tipping activities at a site on Blaze Lane, just on the southern outskirts of Redditch.

The matter was first brought to our attention in May 2021 and we have since spent a lot of time working on this case together, shifting focus on a number of areas in response to concerns raised by residents.

At this stage, however, it is important to point out that no determination of illegal activity has been reached by any proper body. Craig and I continue to pursue a number of lines on inquiry.

If you would like to discuss the issue with either of us please email or

History of the Matter

In May 2021 it was brought to our attention that a number of HGVs were accessing the site and it was suspected that tipping activities may have resumed. The Planning Inspectorate had decided in the 1980s to uphold a decision of the old Hereford & Worcester County Council to stop activities of this nature at this site, which was previously a tip many years ago. The roads around the site are unsuitable for HGVs, there is a small bridge and there are concerns for the impact of the operation on the communities in the area. These points were made by the County Council around 40 years ago.

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