My 5 tests for Loxley Close proposed development

I want to update residents on the proposed new council apartments for the bottom of Loxley Close.

I have got five ‘tests’ that would need to be met before I would support the development as one of your local Borough councillors.

  1. The apartments must be two bedrooms, not one. We have enough one bed apartments in the area.
  2. The building must be a high quality build with solar panels and other green and energy efficiency measures built in.
  3. Additional parking spaces must be provided for use by all residents in the area. Some of these must be provided with an electric vehicle charging point.
  4. There must be a cast iron guarantee that the construction company will be part of the Considerate Construction Scheme and that the process will be properly monitored. We were let down by the Edgeworth Close development and it must not happen again.
  5. Finally, access arrangements for construction should be made so that the bus road can be used for a temporary period to enable entry to the site. I do not want heavy construction vehicles going through Loxley Close.

If these ‘tests’ are met by the council then I will be supportive because I do recognise the need for additional residential developments across the Borough. We can’t shy away from that.

But it must be the right kind of residential accommodation, in the right place, and done to the right standard. The people of Church Hill deserve nothing less.

I hope you will see my position is constructive (no pun intended) and is not simply opposing something for the sake of it, or for political points.

I would be grateful if you could let me know if you support my five ‘tests’ for this development.

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  1. Absolutely.
    Couldn’t agree more with all your points. We don’t want a repeat of Edgeworth, and as you point out there are enough one bed properties and car parking is at a premium.

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