Loxley Close application for apartments withdrawn

The application to build two blocks of 1-bed apartments in Loxley Close has been withdrawn. Welcoming the news, Cllr Mike Rouse said:

“I have listened to residents in Loxley Close and across Church Hill on this issue, and they have given me a very reasonable position.”

He added:

“Residents on the whole accept that the location at the bottom of Loxley Close may face some development in the future, but when that time comes they want decent, high quality family homes.”

Church Hill is already able to offer an abundance of 1 and 2 bed properties, especially across Redditch South. There are new apartments being built at the site of the old doctor’s surgery on Tanhouse Lane. These will be situated opposite 1 and 2 bed apartments over the road in Knowle Close, and diagonally opposite the accommodation available at the YMCA. Heading into Church Hill South and many of the closes have apartments above the parking areas.

Cllr Rouse said:

“I accept – and I think we all accept – the need for homes, but they have to be the right kind of house, in the right place, and providing for local needs.”

He added:

“The plot of land is very small. There’s a lot of nature here. I really don’t want to see all that ripped up for a residential project that’s doomed to fail.”

The land was allocated for housing in 2017 when the council was run by a Labour administration. The local councillor at the time was also leader of the council and could have exerted his influence to stop the land being allocated for housing.

Cllr Rouse said:

“The moment was missed in 2017. I don’t think this site should be used for housing at all, but we are where we are thanks to what happened in 2017, so that means we have to fight for what’s best for the area as our hands are tied for now.”

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