County Hall debate about Local Cycling and Walking Plans

I’ve got a copy of the full debate, but here’s a highlights reel of the salient parts for brevity. The debate was around a motion on how the council can support local cycling and walking plans. It was unanimously supported following an amendment, which was agreed to by the original proposer.

The motion that was passed, as amended, reads as:

“This council recognises the current government’s stated aim to increase journeys in towns and cities to be cycled or walked by 2030 to help lower congestion. Council commits to working closely with district, borough, and city councils across Worcestershire in pursuing Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans, through pro-active dialogue and engagement with bid submissions, match funding where appropriate and backed by a strong business case. Council reaffirms its commitment to providing the travelling public with safe, affordable and reasonable choices about how they move to provide residents with the confidence to make informed and well-supported choices.”

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