A very welcome position statement has been published by our West Mercia Police & Crime Commissioner on average speed cameras. A copy of the statment is provided below, or you can click here to see it on the Commissioner’s Page on Facebook.

I am asked about average speed cameras regularly by communities who are concerned about road safety in their area.

I will work with the Commissioner in a constructive way on this issue in my post as the Cabinet Member for Worcestershire’s Highways & Transport.

I understand that some motorists feel like these are money making methods, so let me just point out you only get a ticket if you are speeding and breaking the law. Speed is often a factor in many road traffic incidents, of which there are too many.

Where do you think average speed cameras would help across Worcestershire? I’ll go first: Evesham Road through Astwood Bank and Birmingham Road through Bordesley. Share yours in the comments below, or on my Facebook post.

The Commissioner, John Campion, said:

Average speed cameras work in the fight to reduce death, serious injury and the anti social impact of our roads in West Mercia. I’m proud that I championed the pilot scheme in Worcestershire and provided the funding as PCC.

I made a promise to reduce harm on our roads, and a pledge to see a greater user of technology to make it happen and this pilot scheme is an important first step. I will now ensure there is greater use of average speed camera technology across the three counties that make up West Mercia.

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