The government has today announced a new framework to bolster science and technology. Whilst it doesn’t specifically mention flying cars and there’s no push for Star Trek-style warp drive, I know I have to temper my ambitions for humanity to reach for the stars. As a stepping stone, however, it will do nicely.

Skip the press fluff and head for the detail in the document itself. Here you will find the portfolio of technologies deemed critical:

  • Artificial Intelligence. We will need that for the flying cars.
  • Engineering biology. Helping us stay fit and healthy in space.
  • Future telecommunications. Ground control to Major Tom.
  • Semiconductors. The Norwegians do these very well. No reason we can’t too.
  • Quantum technologies. Beam me up, Scotty!

Also good to see regulation and standards baked into the framework, including a commitment to move fast when it comes to establishing the rules for critical technologies, and to do more horizon-scanning to support regulators to consider how emerging technologies can become critical technologies.

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