Tom Baker-Price (Conservative, Headless Cross & Oakenshaw ward) were a bit ‘stumped’ when we encountered a traffic cone placed atop of a tree stump in Clent Avenue, Headless Cross, whilst out campaigning for Tom for the upcoming local Borough Council elections on Thursday 4th May. Tom is up for election this year, so we were keen to chat with residents about their issues and concerns.

It appears that a local resident has ‘branched’ out into health and safety, and placed the cone there to help prevent vehicles striking the tree stump when parking up on the edge of the pavement.

Clearly, we can’t just ‘leaf’ it there, so I have ‘logged’ the issue with the County Council who should come out and remove the stump. Sadly, however, they won’t be able to stop me using tree puns – it’s rooted in me😆

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