A resident got in touch about a Blue Badge and whether or not they could have a temporary one whilst they wait for the permanent one to be issued. It’s a good idea, but unfortunately Department for Transport guidance and rules does not appear to allow for this, meaning that any temporary Blue Badge would not be recognised by people such as civil parking enforcement officers.

It would also be a solution that misses the point. We should not have to invent things to get around an inefficient system. A Blue Badge should always be handled and issued as a priority. In this case we were able to expedite things, but this shouldn’t be the exception. I want efficient and effective administration for all.

So whilst I am pleased we could help, I am going to take it away and look at the wider issues on why it is taking so long to issue Blue Badges in the first place.

I grew up as a young carer for my mother who needed a Blue Badge, so I understand how important they are to the people who have them and their families. They provide greater freedoms to those who are at the highest risk of losing many of theirs.

I’d welcome your stories, experiences, thoughts and suggestions on this topic. Please feel free to leave a comment or email mrouse@worcestershire.gov.uk

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