Coventry North West

In the spirit of openness and transparency, I have confirmed that I have submitted an application form for the Conservative Party’s nomination to be their candidate for Coventry North West at the next General Election.

As a proud son of the city, I would be honoured to contest this constituency on behalf of my party, and in dedication to my working class heritage and ancestors who toiled in the motor industry and in the munitions plants during both wars.

It is no secret that I currently live in Redditch, Worcestershire, and serve on the County Council in the Cabinet with responsibility for Highways and Transport. I would, if selected to fight the Coventry North West constituency, seriously consider the time commitments required and realign my life to give the contest everything it deserves.

I wish all those who have applied for this nomination all the best, and look forward to a fair and thorough screening and interview process ahead. I will support with all my heart whoever wins the nomination.

The contest to win Coventry North West for the Conservative Party will be an immensely tough one, and I have no doubt that the Labour Party will fight extremely hard to ensure they retain the seat, which has a majority of just 208 votes, making it the 6th most marginal seat in the country as at the 2019 General Election.

The seat has been Labour-held since it was created with Maurice Edelman being the first incumbent, before Geoffrey Robinson was elected to the seat on 4 March 1976 in a by-election. He served for an astonishing 43 years before standing down in 2019. Taiwo Owatemi is the current Member of Parliament for the constituency, and if I do go on to be selected for the Conservatives to face her at the General Election, I will promise now that it would be a good clean contest. I respect Taiwo Owatemi for her achievements and her contributions, we just happen to disagree on policies and approaches.

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch so far to wish me well in this process. It will be up to a ‘sift committee’ to assess my application in the first instance, and they will conduct their work in private as is appropriate for this stage. I wish them well in their mission.

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