An update for residents of Wordsworth Avenue regarding flooding and resurfacing

I have been engaged by residents of Wordsworth Avenue in Headless Cross regarding flooding issues as a result of rainfall. The summary of the issue is that water is running off Mason Road into Wordsworth Avenue, quickly overwhelming the drainage system and resulting in flooding of residential properties.

Resurfacing works are also due to take place along Wordsworth Avenue, however I share the concerns raised by residents about the risks of worsening the flooding situation if these works go ahead, and so I have asked for them to be suspended until we can get to the bottom of the drainage issues and have a workable action plan going forwards. Signage regarding the resurfacing works has already been deployed, but I am assured by officials that my request for a postponement has been applied.

I have been working with Borough Councillor Joanne Beecham who is leading on the immediate flood defence issues at this location. Cllr Beecham is liaising with Borough Council officials about what can be done to improve on the current response, which wholly depends on the deployment of sandbags. We agree that these are not sufficient for this location.

  • The drainage system along parts of Wordsworth Avenue does appear to be inadequate and further investigation is needed, initially by Severn Trent Water, to see if there is a blockage in the public sewage system further along. Assuming there is no blockage, it is clear that engineering works will be needed to cope with the additional levels of rainfall at this location. Even if a blockage is found and cleared, it will only be a matter of time before the system becomes overwhelmed again.
  • The camber of Mason Road is causing excessive run-off of rainwater into Wordsworth Avenue. Additional drainage (double draining) may be a starting point, but further long-term works will be needed at this location, subject to feasibility. We don’t want to make anything worse, or push the same problem onto a different set of people, so we need to proceed carefully.

The drains in this area have recently been cleansed, and I will ask for certain drains to be placed on a more regular cleansing schedule. However, whilst this might help a little bit, I accept it is not the long-term solution that’s needed.

I want to assure residents of Wordsworth Avenue and the surrounding streets that we are taking this issue very seriously, and that all councillors are working together to address the concerns raised.

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