Casework Update August 2023

In the spirit of transparency, and reporting back to you the voters, I want to provide a quick insight into several key casework matters that have occupied my recent focus as one of your local Redditch South County Councillors.

1. Illumination Adjustments: Several gardens in the Division had been unintentionally awash with light, akin to a football ground. In response to this, the implementation of baffles on these streetlights is underway. Furthermore, we’re considering modifications to the light’s tone and intensity to ensure our homes retain their tranquillity while our streets and pathways remain safely lit.

2. Infrastructure & Drainage: Prompted by an observant resident’s feedback on drainage concerns on Feckenham Road, I’ve coordinated with local agencies to address the suggestions they made. Our immediate action led to the clearing of gullies and a subsequent in-depth inspection of the Severn Trent system. This proactive approach, especially around the Headless Cross area, aims to better understand and mitigate potential drainage challenges.

3. Wordsworth Avenue & Mason Road Initiatives: Wordsworth Avenue is currently the focal point of our drainage improvement efforts. Additionally, Mason Road is in line to reap the benefits of these endeavours as the flooding issues appear to track back to here.

4. Astwood Bank Projects: With Councillor Craig Warhurst at the helm, we’re addressing Astwood Bank’s distinct drainage challenges, ensuring that each concern is met with a tailored solution. Craig has met with residents recently and has raised issues back to officers.

5. Oakenshaw’s Grit Bins: The grit bin concerns raised by the residents of Oakenshaw have not gone unnoticed. Both Councillor Craig Warhurst and I are collaborating closely to address this issue, ensuring that our winter preparations are robust and in line with the community’s needs.

6. Public Safety: Speeding and anti-social behaviour continue to be at the forefront of our agenda. Rest assured, we’re liaising with the relevant authorities to bring about effective, lasting solutions.

In wrapping up, this update is but a glimpse into the casework that underpins our commitment to Redditch South. Both Councillor Craig Warhurst and I remain unwavering in our dedication to improving our community, and your continued feedback is instrumental in guiding our efforts.

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