Hello, I’m Mike Rouse. If you’re looking for more information about me, here’s a glimpse into my background and experience:

Growing up in Coventry’s Canley estate, my life has been shaped by a diverse range of experiences. My mother’s resilience in overcoming strokes and earning a university degree instilled in me values of perseverance and community activism. As a young carer, I learned compassion and the importance of supporting even the strongest individuals who may need assistance.

My father, a lorry driver, taught me the value of hard work and achieving homeownership. I also assisted him on Saturdays, helping victims of domestic abuse escape from their abusers during removals.

Despite facing numerous challenges, my mixed-race brother’s resilience inspired me. His sudden passing last year fueled my dedication to supporting strong and healthy families, promoting well-being, and advocating for justice. Additionally, my work in transportation is influenced by personal experiences, such as the loss of my grandmother to a drunk driver.

As a young person, I embarked on a self-taught journey into coding and web development, thanks to resources from my local library. This passion evolved into a successful career, coding software for financial systems and contributing to impactful projects.

My background and experiences profoundly shape me as a father, husband, and political figure. In my role as a councillor, I’ve championed initiatives like introducing defibrillators at bus shelters to ensure community safety.

Political Journey:

My journey with the Conservatives began in 2003 at the Coventry Conservative Club, where I shattered misconceptions and broadened my horizons. Engaging in platforms like the blogosphere, Tory Radio, and ’18 Doughty Street Talk TV’ expanded my understanding of political dynamics. During this time, I was even shortlisted for the New Statesman’s ‘young innovator’ award.

In recent years, I’ve applied my campaign management and political expertise to general and local campaigns. Leading Rachel Maclean’s general election campaign in 2017 and the Redditch campaign for council control demonstrated my ability to build effective and cohesive teams. I also contributed to campaigns in other constituencies, showcasing my commitment to political life beyond Redditch.

My life experiences have provided me with a unique perspective on diversity and inclusion, enabling me to connect with individuals from all walks of life. Fueled by a genuine passion for improving lives and advocating for individual freedoms and liberties, I approach challenges pragmatically and with determination.

Community Engagement: During the pandemic, I established the Support Redditch Emergency Network, a collaborative initiative involving various community groups, charities, and local councils. We provided thousands of food parcels, prescriptions, and direct support to those in need, extending our efforts to support refugees and their hosts during the Ukrainian war. Crafting the network’s constitution and establishing necessary infrastructure, including phone systems, websites, and a warehouse, ensured our efficient operation. I also implemented an electronic food bank system, prioritising discreet packaging to minimise stigma.

As a county councillor, I actively engage with various community groups. I played a pivotal role in re-establishing the Redditch Carnival after a 20-year hiatus. Additionally, as the Cabinet Member for Highways, I regularly attend large meetings, addressing public concerns and advocating for forthcoming investments to enhance our transportation system.

Career Background:

My working life began during primary school when I assisted my stepfather with telephone directory deliveries and supported my father with removals. From a young age, I demonstrated a strong work ethic, taking on a paper round at 13 and working at a fish and chip shop and Woolworths during my teenage years. I gradually transitioned into more technical roles, including a position at Barclays Bank’s online banking division providing customer support. Subsequently, I ventured into credit scoring work with Halifax and took up a role as a secretary in the psychology department of the NHS.

During my time at the NHS, I recognised the need for an electronic system to manage referrals, leading me to develop a database that earned internal recognition. This success propelled me to the position of Senior Administrator at just 21 years old, overseeing a team of 13 secretaries and receptionists. Seeking a deeper understanding of compassion and empathy, I transitioned into a frontline role as an activity worker in an acute adult mental health ward.

Political Consultancy and Casework: As my passion for politics grew, I seized opportunities to work with platforms like 18 Doughty Street TV, spending several years living and working in London, building relationships with influential figures and think tanks.

Returning to Coventry in 2009, I resumed work in coding and e-communications while also starting a family. Since then, I’ve contributed my campaign management and political expertise to various campaigns, including serving as a Senior Caseworker for MPs such as Jeremy Wright, Sajid Javid, and Nigel Huddleston. Presently, I hold the position of Worcestershire County Council Cabinet Member for Highways.

Personal Interests:

In addition to my political engagements, I prioritise spending quality time with my family. I’ve recently discovered a newfound appreciation for gym workouts, recognising the importance of physical well-being. As a science fiction enthusiast, I enjoy immersing myself in the realms of e-sports, gaming, and Virtual Reality, embracing these modern pursuits.

My personal and professional journey has shaped me into a compassionate and resilient individual dedicated to making a positive impact on lives. I’m committed to advocating for individual freedoms, championing justice, and ensuring equal opportunities for all. With my diverse background, extensive experience, and unwavering determination, I’m prepared to serve and uplift my community, forging a brighter future together.