About Mike Rouse


Mike Rouse, a dedicated and respected Worcestershire Councillor, has devoted his career to improving the lives of his constituents. With a unique blend of professionalism and approachability, Rouse has championed numerous projects and initiatives, fostering positive change in the community. A self-taught coder and web developer, Rouse has used his skills to make a difference in the political realm. In his personal life, he enjoys exploring genealogy, history, Star Trek, and playing Cities Skylines. This page offers a glimpse into the life and accomplishments of Mike Rouse, a man committed to a better future for Worcestershire and beyond.

Background and Education

Originally from Coventry, Mike Rouse moved to Worcestershire in 2011 and quickly developed a strong connection to the community. Rouse’s educational journey is a testament to his determination and resourcefulness. With no formal university degree, he taught himself coding and web development through library books and online resources, eventually applying these skills to his work in public service.

Key Achievements

As a Worcestershire Councillor, Mike Rouse has continually focused on the betterment of his constituents. He has made significant strides in infrastructure, education, environmental initiatives, and supporting local businesses. Among his many accomplishments, Rouse is particularly proud of his work to secure and extend bus services in Worcestershire:

  1. Securing Bus Services: Understanding the importance of accessible and efficient transportation for residents, Rouse has championed funding and resources to improve public transport. His efforts have resulted in better connectivity and affordability for all.
  2. Extending the 144A Bus Route: Recognising the need for expanded transportation options, Rouse successfully advocated for the extension of the 144A bus route. This achievement has enhanced the lives of Worcestershire residents by providing increased access to essential services and opportunities.

Before his tenure as a Worcestershire Councillor, Rouse was elected to Redditch Borough Council from 2018 to 2022. During this time, he made significant contributions to leisure and heritage:

  1. Revitalising Play Areas: As the Portfolio Holder for Leisure, Rouse secured capital funding to overhaul and refresh two district play areas in addition to two main play parks (Morton Stanley and Arrow Valley), recognising the importance of play for children’s well-being and development. He pioneered the vision that children should live no more than a 15-minute walk away from decent play provision.
  2. Reconnecting with Royal Enfield Motorcycles: Rouse successfully reconnected the Borough of Redditch with the historic Royal Enfield motorcycles brand, resulting in a popular pop-up museum in the Kingfisher Centre. This initiative demonstrated his commitment to celebrating local history and promoting cultural pride.

Personal Interests and Genealogical Discoveries

When not immersed in his work as a councillor, Mike Rouse enjoys exploring his passions for genealogy and history. His research has uncovered that his great-great-grandfather and ancestors are all from Worcestershire, further strengthening his bond with the community. A long-time fan of Star Trek, Rouse appreciates the show’s optimistic vision of the future and its focus on unity and exploration. In his downtime, he also enjoys playing Cities Skylines, a city-building simulation game that allows him to exercise his strategic and creative skills.

Vision for the Future

Mike Rouse’s vision for Worcestershire encompasses sustainable development, improved infrastructure, and support for local businesses. As a passionate public servant with a keen understanding of his key audience in the political sector, Rouse strives to maintain a balance between professionalism and approachability. His leadership and commitment to the community continue to inspire and bring about positive change in the lives of Worcestershire residents.


Worcestershire Councillor Mike Rouse is a dedicated and accomplished public servant, committed to the betterment of his community. With a unique combination of self-taught expertise, professional achievements, and personal passions, Rouse continues to make a lasting impact on the lives of the people he serves. As he looks towards the future, his unwavering dedication and vision will undoubtedly continue to inspire and promote positive change in Worcestershire and beyond.