We are a Campaign Management & Political Consultancy covering all areas of the UK.

How we started

MRC stands for Mike Rouse Consulting. Back in the 1990s, Mike Rouse was the kid who knew how to work VideoPlus+ and was a dab hand at Teletext. Then along came the world-wide web, made more accessible to ordinary folk in the mid-to-late 1990s. Mike got stuck into this brave new world straightaway by designing his school’s first website back in 1999.

Later in 2003, Mike got interested in politics and immediately set about bringing his passion for technology into the political arena. In 2005, he ran the web operations for 3 general election candidates, then in 2006 he set up a blog for John Redwood MP, which is still going 10 years later and gets thousands of hits per day.

In 2006, Mike joined 18 Doughty Street Ltd, a start-up web broadcaster – one of Britain’s first at the time. We produced live output for 4 hours every weekday with an on-demand service also available. At the time this was somewhat revolutionary and earned interest from YouTube and others.

In 2007, Mike was shortlisted for ‘Innovator of the Year’ by the New Statesman magazine. In that same year he set up a Facebook Page for David Cameron and was crowned ‘Tech Genius’ by Eric Pickles during his tenure as Chairman of the Conservative Party.

In 2017, Mike co-chaired the campaign to elect Rachel Maclean as the new MP for Redditch, which was a task set against a very difficult background: a snap general election, a disaster in manifesto messaging, and a local candidate fighting on a hot-bed issue. Despite these factors, Rachel Maclean was successfully elected (having only been selected 4 weeks beforehand) with an increased majority. Post-election analysis suggests that Mike’s digital campaign skills played a major factor, allowing a clear message about the local hospital to be communicated so that local fears and apprehensions could be allayed after years of false messaging from the Labour Party and others, seeking to ‘weaponise’ the hospital to win votes – they almost succeeded too.

It has been a potted history of ups and downs, challenges and opportunities, that have led to way to today: the establishment of Mike Rouse Consulting (MRC) as a digitally-led campaign management consultancy. MRC does things different because we have the kind of skills and experience that you just don’t get taught in educational settings – everyone in the firm heralds from a disadvantaged background, bringing streetwise common-sense and a red hot ability to be in-touch with what ordinary people are thinking.