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  • Rolling Updates on Parks & Leisure Restrictions for November 2020

    Following the announcement of a new national lockdown during November I have started to make enquires about areas that fall under my portfolio of responsibilities at Redditch Borough Council. I’ll update this thread as more information comes to light. PARKS These will remain open as they did last time – and just like last time […]

  • A note on my charity work

    It’s not controversial to say that parents should feed their children. If they struggle we should help them, according to their own circumstances and to the level of help needed to restore them to their own capabilities. There isn’t a one size fits all solution I’m afraid. Socialists will argue for a nationalised solution, but […]

  • Mike Rouse and Craig Warhurst selected to contest Redditch South at County Council Elections 2021

    Local Conservative members in Redditch have voted to select sitting Borough Councillors Craig Warhurst and Mike Rouse to fight the Redditch South division for the County Council elections being held in May 2021.

  • COVID-19 Local Alert Levels 1-3 – what they mean and how they are triggered

    Local COVID Alert Level – Medium This is for areas where national restrictions continue to be in place. This means: All businesses and venues can continue to operate, in a COVID-Secure manner, other than those that remain closed in law, such as nightclubs. Certain businesses selling food or drink on their premises are required to […]

  • Redditch e-Scooters answers to FAQs

    As Deputy Leader of Redditch Borough Council please allow me to answer some of the frequently asked questions about the e-scooter trial and hopefully address some of the concerns some people might have. Why don’t they cover the whole town? The zone is restricted as part of the trial. The council and the Department for […]

  • Increased parks usage across Redditch

    Visits to parks across Redditch surged during the COVID-19 pandemic, and remain currently at 51% higher than usual. Whilst I welcome the increased usage of our fantastic parks it’s a situation that also comes with challenges. There’s more litter for starters and we need to empty bins more often. Footfall might be up, but the […]

  • Welcoming the suspension of the ‘get back to work’ campaign

    I welcome the postponement of the ‘get back to work’ campaign the government was looking to launch, which sought to encourage workers back into the cities. The news comes as research reveals as many as 4 in 10 people who used to drive into work are still working from home. Amongst senior management that figure […]

  • Blue on Blue Podcast

    As shared on Twitter, I’ve decided on a name for a new podcast-style series. The name “Blue on Blue” is not based on a Burt Bacharach song, but rather a twist on the contemporary political usage of the word. The twist is important. Collins defines it and points to an example like so: Despite the […]

  • Pavements could be made safer for people with disabilities, and families, under new proposals to ban antisocial parking unveiled by the government

    New plans set out to boost safety and make journeys more accessible for disabled people and parents Review found third of people with visual impairments and almost half of wheelchair users were not as willing to go out because of antisocial pavement parking Consultation will set out proposals to make transport more accessible and help […]

  • A-Level & GCSE Predicted Grades to Apply

    I was pleased to hear that Ofqual has listened to public opinion on the issue of A-Level and GCSE results and issued a statement, which includes: We understand this has been a distressing time for students, who were awarded exam results last week for exams they never took. The pandemic has created circumstances no one […]