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  • God save the King

    On Thursday morning I set off to County Hall for the first Full Council since the summer break. It was what I might call a ‘run of the mill’ council session, but part way into our debate on motions my WhatsApp groups started to stir. Something unusual was happening in the Chamber of the House […]

  • Funzone Update

    I understand the school has now terminated Funzone from 31 August blaming “unilateral actions” taken by Funzone, which I can only take to mean a reference to Funzone speaking out. This appears, at face value, to be a punitive action by the school and has resulted in them losing a customer and the associated £12,000 […]

  • Holocaust Memorial Event Redditch 2022

    Holocaust Memorial Event Redditch 2022

    I joined with colleagues and the wider Redditch community earlier to mark #HMD2022. Holocaust Memorial Day is the day for everyone to remember the millions of people murdered in the Holocaust, under Nazi Persecution, and in the genocides which followed in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur.

  • The Deliberate and Systematic Engineering of Human Outrage

    I just saw a TikTok by Ari Melber that feature a clip of Eric Schmidt with an apparent warning about social media and how it drives outrage. See the clip, then scroll down for reaction: Being a 20+ year veteran of social media (since way before even MySpace and Bebo) and knowing a bit of […]

  • Opposition to application for 9 dwellings on Paper Mill Drive

    I have decided to oppose and object to a planning application that is due for consideration by the Redditch Borough Council Planning Committee on Wednesday 10th November. This will be in in-person meeting and I will be addressing the committee to urge them to vote against the application, which officers have recommended for approval. The […]

  • Environment Agency serves ‘Stop with Immediate Effect’ Letter to Blaze Lane Site

    Craig Warhurst, Mike Rouse and Brandon Clayton as local Councillor team want to provide an update for concerned residents and what we hope will be some welcome news regarding tipping activities at Blaze Lane. We have been working on this issue since it first arose, and it has taken up a significant amount of time […]

  • Tovey Corner: My speech to Full council

    Yesterday (27/07/2021), Redditch Borough Council voted unanimously to adopt a motion in respect of naming a park of the Arrow Valley Country Park in memory of Lizzie Tovey.

  • Repealing the Fixed Term Parliament Act will take a welcome step closer

    Back in 2010 the coalition government between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats were so concerned that things would collapse they introduced the Fixed Term Parliament Act (FTPA) to give certainty to when a general election for the UK Parliament could be called. No more a case of the Prime Minister visiting the palace to […]

  • Reinstatement of Bomford Hill Pathway

    I am delighted to see Church Hill Big Local’s confirmation that the project to reinstate the pathway at the top of Bomford Hill in Church Hill has been given the ‘green light’. This project is something CHBL has been keen on since they started, and will enable more people to access the top of the […]

  • Back the bid: Active Travel funding to widen and enhance pavements around the Arrow Valley Lake – Show your support

    This proposed scheme involves a package of targeted widening and re-surfacing improvements to upgrade and enhance the capacity and utility of this valued network of routes which pass through Arrow Valley Country Park in Redditch, including a section of National Cycle Network 5. This network provides direct access between residential areas, industrial estates, the Alexandra […]