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  • Accessibility in AI assistants is still failing people with speech difficulties

    Description of video for audio impaired visitors In this video I demonstrate how Alexa doesn’t accommodate people taking a very short pause whilst issuing a command. The example used is a simple arithmetic question. I ask Alexa the first part of the question, and then grab a breath before finishing. This causes Alexa to enter […]

  • Oakenshaw Woods

  • The Deliberate and Systematic Engineering of Human Outrage

    I just saw a TikTok by Ari Melber that feature a clip of Eric Schmidt with an apparent warning about social media and how it drives outrage. See the clip, then scroll down for reaction: Being a 20+ year veteran of social media (since way before even MySpace and Bebo) and knowing a bit of […]

  • A report back for week ending Friday 17th December 2021

    This week saw a lot of meetings, a lot of campaign and a by-election defeat ahead of a wind-down for Christmas. However you’re marking the season I wish you and your loved ones all the best. I attended the County Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Board (OSPB) of which I am a member and sub-panel chairman. […]

  • On the issues relating to the alleged Downing Street Christmas Party in 2020

    On the 19th of December 2020 the Prime Minister announced additional COVID-19 restrictions were to be put in place, using the regional tiering system. London went into a new ‘Tier 4’, but Worcestershire remained in ‘Tier 2’. Herefordshire was in ‘Tier 1’. At the time that the Downing Street gathering on 19th December took place […]

  • Health update

    On Friday 29th October I was admitted to the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch after a call with my GP, booked the previous day. I was suffering with shortness of breath on exertion, such as going upstairs, and was struggling to catch my breath back. My doctor sent me to A&E immediately where initial triage found […]

  • Handing the baton to Gemma

    I am delighted to hand the baton of ‘Deputy Leader’ to Gemma Monaco at Redditch Borough Council, as reported by the Redditch Standard and Redditch Advertiser. There were a number of reasons and I can elaborate more on them in this space. With both Matt Dormer and I being elected to Worcestershire County Council recently, […]

  • Line-up of Candidates

    I have produced this homage to gritty detective dramas. I hope it is a fun and novel way to promote candidates ahead of an election.

  • Redditch is better under the Conservatives

    Since the Conservatives took control of the Borough Council we’ve had a new playground at Arrow Valley Country Park along with change of operator at the kiosk and cafe there. Much better. We’re now on to Phase 2: new cafe and toilets at Morton Stanley Park. Plus extra parking. We’ve also seen the introduction of […]

  • Sunday 18 April 2021: Thought for Today

    It’s a pity how an ‘old guard’ can treat newcomers sometimes, in all walks of life. All political parties, just like in a business, need fresh ideas and new perspectives, even if they don’t like the new style of those who come next. We should welcome, teach and nurture newcomers, not admonish, tarnish and plot […]