Category: Redditch Borough Council

  • Bus Road junction along Church Hill Way/Tanhouse Lane/Melbury Way

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  • Why is Redditch council not promoting my thing?

    It’s great to see a number of groups and individuals doing great things for our town that get people moving, bring communities together or exposes our heritage and cultural assets. As a result, I sometimes get asked why the council isn’t promoting these endeavours. The answer isn’t simple, so please allow me to expand on […]

  • Tovey Corner: My speech to Full council

    Yesterday (27/07/2021), Redditch Borough Council voted unanimously to adopt a motion in respect of naming a park of the Arrow Valley Country Park in memory of Lizzie Tovey.

  • Reinstatement of Bomford Hill Pathway

    I am delighted to see Church Hill Big Local’s confirmation that the project to reinstate the pathway at the top of Bomford Hill in Church Hill has been given the ‘green light’. This project is something CHBL has been keen on since they started, and will enable more people to access the top of the […]

  • Back the bid: Active Travel funding to widen and enhance pavements around the Arrow Valley Lake – Show your support

    This proposed scheme involves a package of targeted widening and re-surfacing improvements to upgrade and enhance the capacity and utility of this valued network of routes which pass through Arrow Valley Country Park in Redditch, including a section of National Cycle Network 5. This network provides direct access between residential areas, industrial estates, the Alexandra […]

  • Councillor Diary 26/05/21

    It’s been a tough year for us all, and it was surreal to find myself in a sports hall for the annual meeting of Redditch Borough Council recently, with the Mayor donning a face visor and everyone sat 2m apart. If this is how we Councillors have to meet, how will we ensure our councils […]

  • Planning application for houses off Paper Mill Drive

    A planning application has been submitted for 9 new dwellings off Paper Mill Drive. They will be off the right hand side as you walk through the subway from Broadwas Close towards the Arrow Valley Country Park. The plans appear to show a new access road to be built off Paper Mill Drive, the felling […]

  • Action to carefully remove bat nest from Church Hill residential development site

    I wanted to update Church Hill residents on assistance I am providing to unlock an issue related to the building of new flats at the old doctor’s surgery site on Tanhouse Lane. The developer at the site has discovered evidence of bats in residence in the attic space at the building and as duly stopped […]

  • Get ready for an even bigger and better music and motorcycling festival in 2022

    A festival of music, held annually by Redditch Borough Council, has been cancelled as officers continue to review the town’s schedule of events, in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. Morton Stanley Festival is held each Summer, and after the cancellation of last year’s festival it was hoped that it would be back for 2021, bigger […]

  • Handing the baton to Gemma

    I am delighted to hand the baton of ‘Deputy Leader’ to Gemma Monaco at Redditch Borough Council, as reported by the Redditch Standard and Redditch Advertiser. There were a number of reasons and I can elaborate more on them in this space. With both Matt Dormer and I being elected to Worcestershire County Council recently, […]