Hello, I provide freelance Campaign Consultancy Services for Conservative Colleagues

Helping you win elections and run your organisation more efficiently.
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“I am delighted with my new website as it allows me to attach a response form to news articles and pages so constituents have the opportunity to let me know what they think about the issues of the day as opposed to a one-way communications channel.”

Rachel Maclean MP

Redditch & PPS to Chancellor of the Exchequer

My Services

I’m a multi-talented campaign consultant – here’s just some of the ways I can help


  • Campaign Toolkit
  • InTouches/Newsletters
  • Tabloids
  • Letters/Letterheads
  • Surveys


  • Association Strategy Plans
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Group Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Outreach & Activation

Social Media/Digital

  • Facebook, Twitter Advertising
  • Leveraging LinkedIn
  • YouTube Success
  • Snapchat, Instagram,etc
  • Better Websites


  • Media Training (inc. Video)
  • Press Releases
  • Canvassing Training
  • “Be a Better Candidate”
  • “Be a Better Councillor”

Websites for MPs, Councillors, Candidates and Associations

My websites are affordable, responsive, modern and come packed with all the modern tools and integrations you’ll need for success. Packaged with great personal support, mobile-friendliness and a super-fast hosting provider you will have everything you need to start engaging your audience effectively.


Existing Clients

Mike Rouse

Freelance Political Campaigning Consultant

Mike has been a campaigner in the UK’s Conservative Party since 2003, in a range of roles, but with a strong focus on innovations to help us do the one thing we need to win elections: identify voters and get them to vote.

Having successfully transition his home Association of Redditch to use modern campaign methods the Conservatives went on to win control of the Borough Council in 2018 – winning 5 wards, and in 2019 consolidated gains (against a rocky national picture) to gain a further ward, securing Conservative leadership in Redditch for years to come. This is is a significant achievement when you think Redditch was run by Labour for 36 out fo the last 42 years.

Mike’s abilities don’t just cover elections. He’s adept at fundraising, activist development, recruitment, incumbency, research, policy development, and is known as ‘meticulous Mike’ when it comes to selection procedures and governance of Council Groups and Associations.

Whether you are a Member of Parliament, a Parliamentary Candidate, a Councillor, a candidate for local elections, a Mayor, an Assembly Member, a Police & Crime Commissioner, a Group Leader, an Association Chair/Officer, or any other part of the Conservative Party family you will be able to find help and support to achieve your goals with Mike Rouse. 

Let’s win

I can help you with a range of topics, including:

  • The Party’s voter management system and how to maximise your use of it with delivery networks, better targeting and mobile canvassing.
  • Your website and how to increase your potential across voter identification, fundraising, recruitment, social media reach and more.
  • Overhauling the processes and procedures you’re struggling with locally by working with local officers and committees to move things forward constructively.
  • Development of Social Media governance structures and policies, training on the topic for activists and leaders.
  • Training for your team of candidates/councillors/officers on a wide range of topics.
  • Better results from your social media activities, such as more effective and fully compliant advertising.

Improve your
Processes & Workflows

Whether you need to re-engineer your Association for the digital age, or you’re an MP looking to maximise incumbency advantage, Mike can help you with your internal processes and workflows to deliver maximum impact.

Success Stories

  • Increase of women candidates for local government
  • Increase in Page Likes for local Association
  • 60-80% event ticket sales migrated online

Identification of your local issues and how they’re affecting your campaigns, in data terms.


Get more reliable voter information through better surveys and systems to gather data.


Improve the quality of your literature, delivering maximum impact in the modern age.


Unleash mobile canvassing and other digital tools to streamline processes and deliver more.

Let’s Work Together

Whether you like to engage over the phone, face-to-face, or over email it’s easy to get started – just drop me a line using the contact form and I’ll get back to you.

You can also call me directly on 07743 125 474 or email mike@mikerouse.uk