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Some examples from my own TikTok channel, which has over 2,500 followers.

A follow-up to this video got around 37K views, demonstrating a potential market for videos related to polling data.
Some paid promotion was used on this video, resulting in a very positive boost to follower numbers.
This video demonstrates short ‘stings’ to highlight a story or quote.

I can also produce videos for campaigns and elections; this can include full production but also the gathering of “B-Roll” footage and clips for stock use.

Produced using drone footage
Produced in partnership
Produced in partnership with a volunteer
A drone featured in this shot, which used to capture footage for the area too
Stock footage of a volunteer delivering leaflets

I can also produce screensharing-based videos and run live streams.

This video was a technical test for the equipment and services, not an actual broadcast.

Other Content

I have a software development background, with strong experience of WordPress. I can create, adapt and work with themes and plugins, and I can work with e-commerce sites or editorial outputs alike.

I have, in the past, created and managed websites for a number of Conservative MPs, and provided social media training for activists. I have experience of running paid promotions, in particular on Facebook.

I can create other content, such as newsletters and leaflets. Here is a publication I created from 2019, called the Redditch Arrow as an example of print experience:

Working with me

I am available for freelance and part-time work, editing your content remotely from my office in Redditch. I also have equipment to be able to come and film you at your location. I can come equipped with cameras, tripods, lighting, and microphones.

My rate is £350 per day for Content Editing/Production. The minimum work period is 0.5 days (4 hours). If attending a location away from Redditch I will need travel expenses (55p mile) and/or accommodation. Here’s what I can help with:

  • Editing videos – shorts, TikToks, explainers
  • Creating landing pages
  • Setting up new websites
  • Writing blog posts/articles
  • Creating graphics
  • Print design
  • Podcast production

Get in touch

Email me: mike@mikerouse.uk