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Resurfacing works on Tennyson Road, Headless Cross

Dear Residents

I wanted to let you know that Tennyson Road in Headless Cross is scheduled for resurfacing works from 24/07/2023 until 31/07/2023. This is scheduled during the school holidays to minimise disruption.

There will be a full road closure in place, although access to and from properties will be possible. In the weeks before the works are carried out signs will be placed out on the side of the road. There will also be a letter drop to all residents in the road.

The date of the works is subject to change due to weather and conditions. This is normal for all highways works, which requires reasonably dry weather.

This is a resurfacing job, and will require the surface to be planed off as it’s an old concrete road, bitumen layer put down and tarmac on top. The good news is I have asked and confirmed that the double yellow lines at the top of the road with the junction with Feckenham Road will be reinstated as part of these works.

If you have any questions or problems please let me know.

Best wishes,


Redditch South


Tom Baker-Price (Conservative, Headless Cross & Oakenshaw ward) were a bit ‘stumped’ when we encountered a traffic cone placed atop of a tree stump in Clent Avenue, Headless Cross, whilst out campaigning for Tom for the upcoming local Borough Council elections on Thursday 4th May. Tom is up for election this year, so we were keen to chat with residents about their issues and concerns.

It appears that a local resident has ‘branched’ out into health and safety, and placed the cone there to help prevent vehicles striking the tree stump when parking up on the edge of the pavement.

Clearly, we can’t just ‘leaf’ it there, so I have ‘logged’ the issue with the County Council who should come out and remove the stump. Sadly, however, they won’t be able to stop me using tree puns – it’s rooted in me😆

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Welcoming additional Highways Funding from UK Government

As Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport for Worcestershire County Council, I am delighted to announce that Worcestershire County Council has been allocated an additional £3,331,200 for highways maintenance and pothole repair funding in the 2023-2024 financial year.

This funding will enable us to further improve the safety and condition of our roads, as well as reduce the number of potholes and other defects that can cause damage to vehicles and pose a risk to road users. With this funding, we will continue to adopt a risk-based whole lifecycle asset management approach, which means that we will use data and analytics to prioritise and plan maintenance and repairs based on the condition and age of our assets.

This approach ensures that we use our resources effectively and efficiently, prolonging the life of our assets and minimizing disruption to road users.

By using this approach, we ensure that our limited resources are directed towards the areas of greatest need.

In addition to pothole repair, we will use this funding to carry out a range of maintenance works across our highway network, including resurfacing, patching, and drainage works. We will also invest in new technology and innovations, such as smart sensors and digital mapping, to help us better understand the condition of our assets and make more informed decisions about maintenance and repairs.

The additional funding will allow us to address more of the backlog of road maintenance and pothole repair work in the county. We will use the funds to repair and resurface roads, fix potholes, and carry out other necessary maintenance work across the county. This will not only improve the condition of our roads but also make them safer for everyone who uses them.

At the same time, we will continue to take a proactive approach to highways maintenance. By regularly monitoring the condition of our assets, we can identify issues early on and take action before they become more serious and costly to repair. This approach helps us to make the most of our available resources and keep our roads in the best possible condition.

As Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, I am committed to ensuring that Worcestershire County Council continues to deliver high-quality highways services that meet the needs of our communities. This additional funding will enable us to build on our previous successes and ensure that our roads remain safe and well-maintained for years to come.