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  • Letter to Bus Minister

    Here is a copy of the letter I have written to Baroness Vere, the Bus Minister. Dear Minister, RE: Future of Bus Services in Worcestershire I have taken the decision to write to you directly following my appointment as Worcestershire’s Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport in May as I have a duty to the […]

  • Sunday 18 April 2021: Thought for Today

    It’s a pity how an ‘old guard’ can treat newcomers sometimes, in all walks of life. All political parties, just like in a business, need fresh ideas and new perspectives, even if they don’t like the new style of those who come next. We should welcome, teach and nurture newcomers, not admonish, tarnish and plot […]

  • Welcoming the suspension of the ‘get back to work’ campaign

    I welcome the postponement of the ‘get back to work’ campaign the government was looking to launch, which sought to encourage workers back into the cities. The news comes as research reveals as many as 4 in 10 people who used to drive into work are still working from home. Amongst senior management that figure […]