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Pointless Council motion rejected – because we are already doing most of it

At yesterday’s Worcestershire County Council meeting (18/05/2023) a motion by Greens and Independents asked me to carry out a number of actions relating to roads outside schools. I advised as follows:

1) I have already asked for the website to be updated to provide better guidance for the implementation of a ‘School Street’, which necessarily needs to be led by the schools, parents and communities.

2) Wherever a yellow zig-zig requires an updated Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) we will lay it. This has to be matched by a district-level commitment to enforcement however, otherwise we can lay all the TROs we like and it won’t solve anything. Only by working together can we make progress.

3) There is currently no known mechanism to make these flashing signs mandatory during school times only. Wherever we need to reduce a speed limits on a permanent basis for safety we will do so. I pointed out that speeding at school pick up and drop off times isn’t usually a problem as the area is so heavily congested (leading to people parking on zig-zags for instance!). Speed reduction requests can be made by a County Councillor.

Having addressed each point it was clear that there was nothing left for the Cabinet to decide, and so the motion was rendered effectively pointless – and was therefore rejected.

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A very welcome position statement has been published by our West Mercia Police & Crime Commissioner on average speed cameras. A copy of the statment is provided below, or you can click here to see it on the Commissioner’s Page on Facebook.

I am asked about average speed cameras regularly by communities who are concerned about road safety in their area.

I will work with the Commissioner in a constructive way on this issue in my post as the Cabinet Member for Worcestershire’s Highways & Transport.

I understand that some motorists feel like these are money making methods, so let me just point out you only get a ticket if you are speeding and breaking the law. Speed is often a factor in many road traffic incidents, of which there are too many.

Where do you think average speed cameras would help across Worcestershire? I’ll go first: Evesham Road through Astwood Bank and Birmingham Road through Bordesley. Share yours in the comments below, or on my Facebook post.

The Commissioner, John Campion, said:

Average speed cameras work in the fight to reduce death, serious injury and the anti social impact of our roads in West Mercia. I’m proud that I championed the pilot scheme in Worcestershire and provided the funding as PCC.

I made a promise to reduce harm on our roads, and a pledge to see a greater user of technology to make it happen and this pilot scheme is an important first step. I will now ensure there is greater use of average speed camera technology across the three counties that make up West Mercia.